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Why is PEX Plumbing Bad? Exploring the Potential Challenges

Why is PEX plumbing bad

Let’s Discover The Facts on Why is PEX Plumbing Bad

Ease of installation and affordability are the two prominent reasons that make PEX plumbing a popular choice. Many homeowners in the 80s and 90s favored PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). Of late, the popularity of this plumbing option has come down drastically. What are the reasons? Why is PEX plumbing bad? Let us unmask the cons of this plumbing method.

Reduced Longevity

Most people appreciate the flexibility of this material. However, it does not offer high durability like other options available. Materials like PVC and copper provide a better lifespan than PEX. Exposure to UV rays makes it weak and prone to damage. So, it is not a suitable option for outdoor applications.

Unhealthy Relationship with Chlorine

The impact of chlorine and other chemicals hurts these pipes. The situation can get worse if you live in an area where the water contains high amounts of chlorine. The presence of chlorine intensifies the brittle oxidative failure to cause leaks and a shortened life cycle. Therefore, many people have started replacing PEX with copper and PVC with the help of affordable plumbing service providers.

Not an Eco-Friendly Choice

Everybody talks about environmental-friendliness and sustainability nowadays. PEX plumbing does not go well with your eco-conscious lifestyle. In short, it is not a recyclable material and causes harm to the environment. According to environmental experts, this material does not degrade fast and may last up to 3 decades.

Water Contamination

It is not a common situation with PEX plumbing. However, water contamination can become a concern in certain situations. When these pipes are installed deep beneath the ground where moisture exposure is higher, PEX lines are vulnerable to water contamination due to bacteria. Remember that it is not a common problem that people often have to deal with. Bacteria penetration occurs in extreme cases. If you experience this issue, seek the help of an emergency plumber Houston to find a permanent solution.

Vulnerability to Rodents

Many users complain about the vulnerability of PEX to rodents. These pests chew through PEX material to cause frustrating water leakage issues. Eventually, it damages your home waterline system and makes it susceptible to contamination. Do you have rodents in your home? Replace the PEX water lines with a more durable material like copper to ensure the best protection against rodents.

Why is PEX plumbing bad?

Ultimately, the best type of plumbing for your home depends on your circumstances. While PEX offers certain advantages, its limitations may not suit every situation. You can choose better options like copper or PVC to overcome the limitations of the PEX plumbing system.

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