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Unveiling the Secrets to Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

best toilet paper for septic tanks

How to Choose the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks?

Choosing the right toilet paper for a septic tank is crucial to avoid common mistakes. Toilet papers vary in quality and certain types can potentially harm your septic system. Protect your system by opting for the best toilet paper for septic tanks. Uncover insider tips to help you select the most appropriate papers for your toilet.

Look for Papers Made Using Recycled Fibers

Numerous toilet paper varieties are readily available these days. Many products don’t provide the best results. Search for toilet paper made using recycled fibers. Also known as virgin fibers, these products break down more efficiently and faster than many other toilet papers, including those high-processed, soft versions.

Never Ignore the Biodegradability Aspect

Toilet papers are supposed to break down in the water as they reach the septic tank. It does not mean you can use any paper without a second thought. Some products break down faster than others. Biodegradable versions are a perfect example. That is why the best plumbers in Houston recommend these products. You may not find them as thick or soft as the conventional toilet paper products available on the market. However, they dissolve faster and protect your septic system without causing unwanted damage.

Consider the Sheet Ply and Thickness

Don’t select excessively thick toilet paper. These products are not designed to dissolve fast in the septic tank. The same thing applies to overly-layered papers. When thickness increases, the breakdown process gets longer to cause undesirable issues. In other words, dissolvability issues may create clogs in your septic or plumbing system. Eventually, you may need to hire drain cleaning services to rectify these clogs.

Experiment with a Small Quantity

Everybody claims that their products are septic-safe. You should not believe their words blindly. A more prudent approach is to start with a small quantity. After preliminary research, choose one made using biodegradable material or recycled fiber. Then, test a small quantity for a couple of weeks and monitor the condition. If you don’t notice any issues, you can choose that product for your toilet.

Check Feedback for the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

Never undermine the importance of user reviews. You should closely evaluate online reviews to find what other users say. Their real-life experiences always help you choose the best toilet paper for septic tanks. You can even talk to your friends and relatives to know their opinions.

Don’t get overexcited when seeing cheap products. Your enthusiasm for instant savings can lead to complex septic tank issues and expensive drain cleaning. So, look for long-term benefits when it comes to buying toilet paper. Prioritize quality and dissolvability to protect your interests. Then, you can compare the costs of different brands to find the most suitable one that delivers the best value for money.

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