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Learn the Craft of Thawing Frozen Pipes – A Guide to Preventing Winter Plumbing Woes

Frozen pipes

Everybody knows that frozen pipes cause great inconvenience. Moreover, they may result in critical damage to your plumbing system. Unattended issues can also lead to costly repair work. The most prominent reason for frozen pipes is the cold climate or weather conditions.

What Causes Frozen Pipes?

If temperature levels drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes may freeze. Insufficient insulation can also lead to this problem. Have you set the thermostat excessively low? Then, the water freezes inside the pipe. When a pipe is frozen, the water pressure drops to extremely low levels.

Whenever you receive very little or no water, you can suspect frozen pipes. How to thaw these pipes? Let us explore and find the best solutions. Here are some DIY methods you can try at home to thaw frozen pipes.

Use a Heat Tape

A heat tape is an excellent option. You can cover frozen pipes with electrically powered heat tapes. These tapes generate consistently low heat to address the problem gradually. Many people also use these tapes to protect pipes from freezing. You can apply them to the most vulnerable areas to prevent freezing.

Use a Hairdryer

A hairdryer is also a handy tool to solve this issue. It warms up the pipe slowly to defrost the pipe. Keep the dryer moving to prevent a particular spot from getting exposed to heat. If you focus on a single area, the pipe may crack. It requires some patience but delivers excellent results.

Use a Space Heater

You can thaw frozen pipes with the help of a space heater. Keep it below the frozen pipe to make heating moderate and gradual. Don’t expose it to direct heat. Do you have a frozen pipe in a small enclosed area? A space heater is the most efficient choice to thaw the pipe safely in such a situation.

Turn Up the Thermostat Slightly to Thaw Frozen Pipes

The thermostat needs to be increased only by a few degrees. The warmer temperature provides mild heat to support the thawing process. You can open the doors to promote the free circulation of warm air throughout the room and to the pipe.

First, you should identify the issue. The defrosting process must be done slowly and gradually. Don’t try to heat them fast. It may cause pipe bursting. These methods are suitable only for less complicated frozen pipes. Seek an affordable plumbing service if the problem is too complex for you to troubleshoot. Expert plumbers will find a solution to your problem immediately.

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