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Five Signs You Need a Drain Camera Inspection Service

drain camera inspection

A sewer or drain camera inspection is among the methods professionals use to identify a sewer or drain issue. This plumbing procedure involves the use of a tiny waterproof camera, attached to the cable. The camera is equipped with a light source to ensure the plumber can get an excellent view of a sewer line or drain.

The camera’s tiny size permits it to penetrate deep into sewer and drain lines, allowing plumbers to detect or identify the issues described below.

drain camera inspection

The indication that You Need a Drain Camera Inspection

  • Smelling Bad Odour In Your Home:

The smell of gas from your sewer in the bathroom or other areas of your home could indicate that your sewer lines aren’t functioning correctly. Odor and gas from sewer lines are potentially dangerous and need to address it promptly.

  • High Water Levels:

If your water level is low one day and rising the next, could also be an indication of serious damage. Your pipes need to check by opting for a drain camera inspection to determine the cause.

  • Noticeable Slow Drainage:

A very apparent visible sign that you require the replacement of your sewer line or inspection is when you are experiencing a slow-draining sink or toilet. Slow draining of a sink or any other appliance is a typical household issue. Spotting it in multiple locations around your house may be an indication of damaged sewer lines.

  • Sewage Blockage:

Blockage can occur when sewer lines are completely blocked; as a consequence, the water is pushed into the sewer lines before it can be pumped then back to your residence. A thorough drain camera inspection is the most effective method to determine the root of the sewage obstruction.

  • A Septic Tank Overflow In Yard:

The most evident sign of a damaged sewer pipe is to find that septic water is accumulating in your yard. The septic tank that overflows in your backyard poses a health risk for your family members. It must deal with promptly.


Dealing with sewer problems means potentially digging up your property. Still, with fast and efficient camera inspections, you can create a comprehensive picture of your sewer line without leaving any mess. If you need sewer line repair and replacement, top-notch camera inspections will help you identify the services your system requires.

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