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5 Reasons Your Water Heater Not Heating

5 reasons your water heater not heating

Your water heater could be malfunctioning for a plethora of different causes. Determine precisely what problems you’re having as your initial step. A new water heater not heating is the most frequent complaint we hear.

In contrast to devices like washing machines and dishwashers, you use your home’s hot water heater daily. We use this device to deliver warm water for everyday activities, including dishwashing, showering, washing hands, and even doing laundry. Daily use by your family means that issues with the water heater like water heater not heating are not uncommon. In reality, you might be able to fix a hot water heater issue yourself without hiring a contractor.

5 reasons your water heater not heating

Five Possible Reasons about Why Water Heater Not Heating:

There are multiple reasons why a hot water heater could not be functioning. It is crucial to know how to solve the problem. Or at the very least how and where to explain it to a qualified plumber. In the best-case situation, we need a broken pilot light to fix a broken water heater. If that’s the matter, the problem will resolve by just lighting it again.

Lack of Power

Power cut off from source is one of the main causes of a broken water heater or new water heater not heating. When it comes to an electric heater, the issue can be a several types. It can be a blown circuit and perhaps a disconnect switch, both of which are simple to fix. Gas, on the other hand, is already harmful, so if the heater uses gas, the issue might be much worse. Repairing a water geyser is not as expensive as you may imagine. But if there is a gas leak, we need to fix it immediately.

Thermostat Malfunction: 

Even a perfectly working thermostat causes issue when it is set to a summer temperature. Increase the value because that won’t function throughout the winter. To prevent further issues, you will need to totally replace a broken one with a new one.


The most frequent issue with water-using equipment is rusting. Rust can cause the water tank to break down, which will prevent the heater from functioning properly.

Damaged or Improperly Fitted Valves And Pipes: 

A high probability exists that the water heater is operating properly, but the piping, including valves, is either improperly installed or have suffered severe damage for unknown reasons. Examine them carefully for any obvious leaks or damage.

Loose Parts: 

Parts that are not correctly installed or that are loose can lead to issues like water heater not heating. And it’s not just the pipes; any component, including those in the plumbing, electrical, gas, or mechanical systems, might malfunction or even cease functioning completely if it’s fitted loosely.

Final Thoughts:

Water heaters really aren’t resistant to aging and minor problems that can make them unusable, including unusual noises and odors. Fortunately, the majority of the problems we discussed like the water heater not heating can be resolved very easily and quickly. You may need to upgrade to a new water heater, and you’ll be better prepared than ever to do so with this newfound knowledge! Not only can it be challenging and uncomfortable for you to take a shower, clean the dishes, and wash clothes when your water heater is not providing enough hot water for both you as well as your family, but it can also be a clue that something more serious is going on. To avoid issues, maintain it on regular basis.

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