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Ultimate Guide to Resolve High Water Pressure in Plumbing Systems from Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers

Does high water pressure cause plumbing problems? Yes. Water pressure can cause a variety of issues. Most fixtures in your home can handle pressure up to 80 psi. Water pressure beyond this limit can lead to system failures. Let’s discuss the adverse effects of unwanted water pressure and focus on the best solutions by professional residential plumbers.

Leaking or Damaged Pipes and Faucet Drips

Constant, high water pressure puts unwanted strain on pipes. Eventually, the pipes will deteriorate faster than usual to reach a point where they cannot hold the flow. This situation results in small leaks. Further, you may have to deal with pipe bursts over time. Unattended leaks can also lead to structural damage.

Have you noticed the constant faucet dripping? Does the faucet spit or spray water when turning the water on? Most probably, high water pressure could be the culprit. Don’t be ignorant. Slight negligence can lead to a costly repair or replacement.

Solution: Installing a pressure regulator or pressure-reducing valve can be effective. This device lowers the water pressure to a safe level. You can call an emergency plumber Houston to install the regulator anytime you prefer.

Damage to Appliances

Excessive water pressure takes a toll on appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines. Remember that manufacturers do not offer a warranty for damage due to high water pressure. Over time, hoses and internal components of appliances deteriorate faster to cause critical damage and even reduce their lifespan.

Solution: Check for water leakage carefully. Does your appliance make any loud noises? High water pressure could be the possible reason. Installing inline pressure reducers or pressure regulators is an excellent option to address this problem. Search for trusted plumbers near me residential to get the job done efficiently.

Water Hammer

Do you hear a loud banging noise when switching off a faucet in your bathroom or kitchen? Technically speaking, it is a hydraulic shock. However, this problem is popularly known as water hammer. What causes this sound? Increased water pressure stops or changes the water flow direction. This situation can lead to the banging of plumbing pipes into one another.

Sometimes, the pipes may bang into the surrounding framing to produce a loud noise. The louder the sound, the more severe the damage. The most common side effect of the water hammer is broken pipes or loosened plumbing connections.

Solution: The basic solution to address the water hammer is to install arrestors to lower the noise. What if you hear a loud sound and a pipe breaks? Contact a trusted emergency plumber Houston immediately to address the issue. Skilled professionals have the experience and expertise to solve these problems and restore the maximum functionality of your plumbing system.

Continuously Running Toilet

Excessive water pressure wears out the fill valve of the toilet faster. A faulty or malfunctioning valve causes constant running of water from the tank into the bowl. Sometimes, the toilet may flush on its own.

Solution: Adjust the fill valve to prevent the constant running of water. Also, installing a pressure-reducing valve can be an alternative.

Increased water pressure puts extra stress on your plumbing system. The most vulnerable parts are pipes, seals, faucets, and appliances that utilize water. Check water pressure frequently. Unattended problems can lead to serious damages and expensive repair work. Seek professional help to find a solution. Look for experienced plumbers near me residential to identify the underlying issue and solve it immediately.

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