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Frozen and Burst Pipe Repair in Houston

When Temperature Drops, Your Pipes Face Potential Risks

As winter reaches its coldest point, residents throughout the country must deal with the challenge of frozen and burst pipes. When it gets really cold, the water in your pipes can turn into ice because of the low temperatures. Since water expands when frozen, it makes the pipes burst.
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Common Causes Behind Pipe Bursts

Ever wonder why burst pipes & leaks occur mostly in freezy weather? 

Here are some of the possible reasons for burst pipes at home & buildings:

a) Cold Weather Impact: Freezing temperatures can harm pipes, particularly when the cold causes the water inside to freeze. As ice takes up more space than liquid water, it exerts pressure on pipes, potentially leading them to stretch and burst.

b) Mineral Accumulation: If a home’s water supply is classified as “hard” due to high calcium and magnesium levels, it can harm pipes by leaving mineral deposits over time. Increased clogging from these deposits raises the risk of water pressure causing pipes to crack or burst.

c) Long-Term Wear and Tear: While pipes can endure years of use, they eventually reach a point of deterioration. Prolonged corrosion is a common factor contributing to leaks or bursts in pipes over time.

Frozen and Brust Pipe

Common Indications of a Frozen and Burst Pipe

Changes in Water Quality | Unexplained Dripping Sounds | Visible Water Marks and Stains | Decreased Water Pressure

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What happens when your pipes freeze?

Frozen pipes can burst in just a few hours or even minutes. When pipes burst, it can lead to a massive water leak in your house, causing damage to your property and costing you a lot of money. If you see a frozen pipe, reach out to our plumbers right away. We’ll check the damage and get your pipes fixed as soon as possible!

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